Welcome Quentin
      You have feet in your shoes.
      You can steer yourself
      any direction you choose.
      You're on your own.
            And you know what you know.
      And YOU are the guy
            who'll decide where to go.
                              --Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Quentin's Home Page

Hi, my name is Quentin Malone Frascone, but my friends call me Quincy or just Quentin. I hope you like my home page. Daddy and Mommy helped me a lot with it.

I was born on Sunday, November 14th, 1999 at 7:52am (CST), so I'm kind of new to internet (and the world). I was a strapping young lad (if I do say so myself) weighing in at 8lbs, 13oz. I towered a full 21 inches tall too!

Now, I'm 1 year old! I got lots of cake and presents on my first birthday. It was really fun.

I hope you enjoy my web page. I'm putting lots of pictures and movies on here so you can see how much fun I have! Maybe one day we can play together!

My pictures are no longer available here, but are being moved to our family's website at http://www.frascone.com

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